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Bi-Valent Boosters Are Coming

COVID-19 vaccines will be updated to have protection against Ba4 and Ba5 in addition to the originals. It looks like all patients 12 and older will be eligible for a fall booster.

The release date is expected to be somewhere in September and October.

Help us plan how many doses we’ll need and where we’ll give them out by completing this very brief survey, and you’ll be notified as more information becomes available.

Previous Updates

Things are moving quickly, so here’s the update:

We were approved for thousands of doses.

We will be receiving mostly Pfizer, it seems.  IT IS OK TO MIX AND MATCH and I encourage you get dosed ASAP vs wait for Moderna. 

Biden wants boosters to happen immediately following Labor Day!

This will be appointment only.  We are taking down the appointment system for now and cancelling all booked appointments. 

We will pause on all pediatric doses.  We will only be offering bi-valent boosters for a bit. 

I’ve written a blog discussing FAQ surrounding boosters to address misinformation and poor messaging by the media.  Go here to be the first to read it: Bi-Valent COVID Boosters –  Another No Brainer

We will be ready for everyone! Specific plans to follow. 

Here’s your first FALL BOOSTER email update.  For all of these, please remember my two rules:

1. Patience
2. We’re just guessing. Sometimes our guesses have more backing, but it’s all a guess.

Wrapping your head around this:

  • I believe COVID boosters will be twice a year for patients over 50, and 1-2 times a year for patients under 50 for the next few cycles, at least.
  • I’m guessing we’re going to be dropping the whole “1st booster, 2nd booster” thinking
  • Instead, think like this:
    • Primary Series
    • Spring Booster
    • Fall Booster
  • What will matter most is the time since your last booster; has it been 4-6 months since your last COVID vaccination? If yes, then get a booster.
  • “I got my booster X months ago, should I be getting this?” – Yes, as long as it has been somewhere around 4-6 months–the exact number is yet to be established
  • “I’ve had COVID recently, should I get a booster?” – Yes. The CDC has maintained that boosters should be administered as soon as they are available. You are eligible to be vaccinated the day your isolation period ends.
  • I also have been adamant about people getting their booster within 2-3 weeks of eligibility opening up.  If you delay by months, you could be blocked from getting the latest/greatest booster technology.  So, no need to knock down doors, but get an appointment within 2-3 weeks of eligibility opening up.

Probable Eligibility

  • Anyone 12+ who have completed a primary series of vaccine at least somewhere between 4 and 6 months ago will be eligible to get the Fall Bi-Valent Booster
  • If you were not boosted yet, you WILL be eligible for the Fall Bi-Valent Booster
  • Kids 5-11 will be eligible eventually, but not at the same time. I’m guessing 1-2 months later, but maybe longer!

Probable Availability

  • Moderna will be available for patients 18+ initially
  • Pfizer will be available for patients 12+ initially
  • Pfizer may get approval first, but they are trying to keep them as close together as possible
  • Mixing and matching is OK; if Pfizer comes out first and you can get it, DO SO! (even if you’re Moderna to date)
  • Current estimates put the release Mid September to Mid October

This is important, so I’m going to make this separate:

They are limiting initial order quantities.  These may be scarce in the first week or two as demand will be high and distribution will be slow to start.

For now, I have only been able to prebook 700 doses 🙁

I’ve made my case to all those who will hear it: We’ve proven we can move lots of doses, we have a clear demand (for nearly 6000 doses in the first 2 weeks), so please let us have enough to get this done efficiently.  I am unsure what will come of those conversations, but I’ll keep you updated.

More will come as I know it.  I’ll try to email this list once a week; for more frequent updates or questions, check out my Facebook.

We’ve been approved for all doses requested, and are looking to get rid of them in under 2 weeks.

We are structuring plans using contingencies for approval dates. If it gets approved on 9/6, then we’ll do X. If approved on 9/10, we’ll do Y.

Locally you’ll have 3 ways to get these new boosters:

  • In-store. Every day from here on out. We’ll have about 150 spots a day. We’ll let you sit outside for your 15-minute wait when it’s nice out. You know, since the store is kinda small.
  • At the Woodstock Community Center. We’ll go here 2-3 days (currently we don’t know which days). I recommend going here. We can do like 600 doses in a day, it’s much bigger, more parking.
  • At the Saugerties Senior Center. We’ll go here 1 day the first week and see how popular it is. Again, this is a big spot so easy in and out.

You will be given first dibs on appointments once they are available.

We recommend any patient over 50+ wear a quality mask when they come for COVID vaccination!


I’m hearing people who want to wait to have the new booster and flu shot together. Don’t do that.

The best time for a flu shot is approximately 10/1-10/20.

Don’t delay COVID protection. Get your booster ASAP.

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