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We’re happy search through our records and replace your vaccination card. Just submit a Request for Card Replacement here:

If you have problems with the Excelsior pass retrieval and we provided any dose for you, you must complete a records review request at

Your confirmation email has links at the bottom that allow you to make changes to your appointment.

To reschedule: click “Reschedule” at the bottom of your confirmation email. Select a new date & time from the appointment calendar and click “Update Event” to confirm.

To cancel: click Cancel at the bottom of your confirmation email. Enter any relevant information when prompted (optional), and then confirm the cancelation by selecting “Yes, Cancel”

Yes, appointment-only COVID-19 testing services are now available at Village Apothecary in Woodstock.

Visit to learn more.

We are contracted to provide COVID-19 tests for school districts throughout the region, and our COVID Testing Army is up for hire for organizations who wish to implement a testing program in their workplace.

If you’ve been tested for COVID-19 at Village Apothecary or one of our on-site screenings at a local school or business and you need a copy of your results, go to

Vaccine & Testing FAQ

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes, but folks with appointments will be prioritized.

We will need to manually enter all of your information if you walk in, so your process will take additional time as well.

When do I come for my second dose?

Pfizer (pediatric included) is 3 weeks from your original date. Moderna is 4 weeks.

These two mRNA vaccines have a grace period of 4 days early and 2 weeks late.

JJ patients are recommended a 2nd dose 2 months after their initial dose with no early grace period.

If you get a first dose with us, we reserve a second dose for you automatically, and have a number of ways available to get your dose.

Visit for our availability at the store or on the road.

What about the Excelsior Pass?

We submit your info to the NYS database within 24 hours of immunization.

If you have any difficulty with your excelsior pass, you can submit a records review request at

We will review them and respond within 14 business days.

I lost my card!
Can I get a replacement?

Yes, visit to put in a request. A nominal shipping fee may apply.

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