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Getting Ready for Omicron

I’ve been watching the signals, and I believe we are about 1-2 weeks away from the Omicron variant washing over our population.
It’s quickly moving through the ranks of those without an active immunity.
It is even affecting folks who have booster protection, although relatively weakly. Despite not being 100%, boosting is your BEST protection.
I want to minimize Omicron’s impact on our community as much as possible, so here’s our plan.

Dr. Neal's Plan is to:


Host one last, large booster/pediatric pfizer/vaccine clinic on Monday 12/20 at the Woodstock Community Center.  This will be the last opportunity of this year – and probably the last before the wave hits.

Register here:


Host MINIMAL vaccine doses in the store during the week leading up to Christmas.

Visit for that signup


Offer in-store rapid antigen COVID-19 tests, performed by our staff, at nearly 50% off for a limited time.

Get yourself tested before you travel for just $22 per test.  

Register and schedule your test here:


Offer home COVID-19 tests for purchase.

We have ordered a substantial amount of them so people can stock up and test their families (as I have and will) before the holiday).


Recommend taking Vitamin D 2000 IU daily to help you get those D levels up, if you haven’t already.

Read: The Vitamin D – COVID 


Suggest KN95 for every day mask use, or double surgical masks.  

For folks who are unvaccinated or are in households with unvaccinated people, we are recommending (and mandating at our store) N95 usage.


Strongly suggest smaller gatherings this holiday, and minimal socialization until this wave passes.

We’re skipping Spider-Man for a few weeks and holding off on hanging with friends.

All of these steps will be exceptionally helpful, especially for those of us who don’t have big circles anyway.

spread the word

Please spread the word and take this seriously.
Omicron spreads fast.  We can hope that it’s weak, but since SO MANY people will be infected, we have a BIG chance of many folks getting quite ill. 

Let’s act before it’s too late. 

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