COVID Testing Program Lesson 2

At the end of this lesson, you will…

  • Learn the five customizable components to COVID clinics and how I approached each
  • Identify the two main problems we must solve as key stakeholders
  • Understand the steps leading up to and after one of my COVID clinics
  • Discuss the Waitlist and strategies for implementing them
  • Learn how I use a Standby list to achieve 2 goals
  • Hear my take on 2 important policies regarding signups
  • Get reflux thinking about how much you’ll have to work in Excel

Watch: Overview of My Solution

Read: A Few Communication Thoughts

If you are deciding to communicate to the public en masse, be VERY careful about what you say.

My recommendation, be VERY specific about FIRST DOSES vs SECOND DOSES.

Twice now, we’ve sent out emails (trying to be helpful) stating we had no doses for clinics this week. Everyone and their mother (96 people in all) asked if we were referring to their already scheduled and confirmed second dose clinics.

Here’s an example:

“Yay! We have received a number of doses of COVID vaccine for FIRST DOSES and will distribute them via mass clinic”


“We have NO NEW DOSES to allocate to a FIRST DOSE clinic this week. Sorry gang.
Second doses are guaranteed and this announcement DOES NOT affect any scheduled SECOND DOSE clinic.”

Lesson Materials