at home covid tests

To order up to 8 antigen tests via your insurance, click the button!

There are FOUR possible ways to get at-home COVID-19 antigen tests...


Get 4 Per Household Via Federal Government


Get Tests For Free At Any Local Events

  • These are sponsored by municipalities, schools, or local health departments.
  • Keep your eyes peeled to those groups for details (we can’t keep track!).


Get Up To 8 Per Person Per 30 Day Period Via Private Insurance

For insurance coverage of at-home tests, there are two paths:

  1. Your pharmacy fills a prescription for At-Home COVID Tests and bills the PHARMACY BENEFITS directly. You pay nothing.
  2. You buy the tests, then your insurance reimburses you.

Important Things To Know

  • Most plans that are participating have stated the limit is 8 tests every 30 days per person
  • Insurances may limit which tests they cover
  • Most plans allow pharmacies to fill these as prescriptions without needing your doctor
  • Some insurances may require an actual prescription (ePrescribed!) from your physician!
  • Some plans will not cover the tests at all

How We Handle These 2 Paths

Path 1 – The “Easiest For Us And Quickest Way To Get Tests For You” Path: You Buy Them Then Seek Reimbursement.

  • Purchase up to 8 tests using cash, check, or credit card in store
  • Submit paperwork to your insurance for reimbursement

We supply you with a register receipt (proof of purchase) and a detailed document with all the numbers, codes, and info an insurance normally asks for.

You mail those in (we don’t know who or where, you’d have to check with your insurance), and reimbursement comes directly from the insurance.

Path 2 – The “Slower And Not Guaranteed To Work” Path: We (Try To) Bill Your Insurance So Your Tests Are Free

  • Complete the form at to request tests for in store pickup only (meaning, we won’t ship these).
  • Each day at 6pm, we’ll start processing orders submitted that day
  • Orders will be available for pickup in 3 days
  • If we have difficulty processing the insurance request in any way, we will contact you.
  • If we are successful, we do not contact you. Your order will be available for pickup at the assigned date.


  • We limit this to 50 requests a day, so you might have to make a reservation on a future date
  • Each request will be for the full 8 allowed tests per 30 days, unless your insurance says otherwise
  • This is for in-store pickup
  • All of this can change at any time

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the overwhelming demand and incredible burden this places on us, we do not have the staffing capacity to “chase down” insurance coverage of COVID tests.  If we hit a snag (coverage issue, insurance problems, etc), we will explain the issue but most likely be unable to assist. You have the option to purchase a portion or all of the reserved tests and seek reimbursement yourself.


Just Buy Them

Seriously. If we have them, you buy them, and that’s it.


  • We have no purchase limits
  • They cannot be resold, these are for end-users only
  • We will not hold or reserve any test kits
  • We will not accept any returns; all purchases are final

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