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Ep. 91 Don’t Fear The Covid Vaccine, Pt 1

[…] with global health specialist, Dr. Ray Yip. He has a lot of encouraging news about the vaccine process for Covid-19. He explains to us how this vaccine was developed […]

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Ep. 92 Don’t Fear The Covid Vaccine, Pt 2

[…] part two of Neal’s conversation with a global health specialist, Dr. Ray Yip. They cover the scale of the Covid vaccine trials and the reality of risk involved with […]

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Words Matter, Dr. Mercola

[…] How to Cope with COVID. The emotional toll of this that begins and ends with fear and uncertainty is weighing heavy on practically all of us  Problem 3: Allowing […]

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Delta – Revenge of the Anti-Faxxers

[…] least of your worries. If you are vaccinated and NOT vulnerable, you really shouldn’t fear delta. The data shows that while delta is spreading quite rapidly and having […]

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Getting Your First Dose

[…] Q&A Webinar Is The Vaccine Safe? Was It Rushed? How does it work? Don’t Fear The Vaccine Vaccine Q&A Webinar Is The Vaccine Safe? Was It Rushed? How […]

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The Traitors

[…] in this area.” You know, all of that. They liken the cautious words to “fear mongering.” These folks are the most pervasive and seem to like to be […]

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