What is the Vital Five?

The Vital Five are the five core nutrients that I recommend before any other supplement is considered.

I believe there are five nutrients that almost everyone would benefit from but are often missing from even the best diets.

This unintentional gap in our nutrition not only stands in the way of our optimal wellness, but also can contribute to a lot of common problems people face.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

Joint Issues

Bones that need a boost

Digestive Issues

Energy problems

Immune health concerns

You're not alone. I've helped my patients and customers solve these problems with a better supplement strategy, which involves focusing first and foremost on the Vital Five nutrients.

The Vital Five nutrients are:

Vital 5 Supplements

The Vital Five aren't just good because my customers and I say, but they each have some of the richest body of scientific evidence to support their use, especially compared to most supplements.

In other words, the Vital Five are the best of the best.

Why These Nutrients are Vital

You might look at that list and say, “Hey, I eat fish once a week!” or “I’m always outside in the sun…” and think you’ve got those nutrients confidently checked off your to-do list.

The fact of the matter is that while many of us—-especially those of us who have model diets—are getting exposed to these nutrients, it’s nowhere near enough.

Here’s my simple criteria for a nutrient that makes it Vital:
1. They are difficult to get the right amounts, even in the best diets
2. They benefit not just one, but many body systems
3. They have strong evidence to support their benefit

The key point is “the right amounts.”

Your Vital Five Products Might Be Failing You

I speak with so many folks who are using the Vital Five nutrients as part of their supplement regimen. The thing is, the products they buy are missing the mark.

We offer a FREE service: let us review your Vital Five supplements from ANY supplement brand—even competitors—and make sure you’re not getting ripped off.

The Big Quality Problem

We can talk all day about these Vital Five and the science behind them, but if the products we buy don’t meet that science, we’ll be wasting our valuable time and money.

This is the failure of the supplement industry. And it’s intentional, designed for profit.

We can’t let the industry stand in the way of our health and happiness. We CAN get the right dose and right forms of the Vital Five to help us achieve our lifelong wellness goals.

No product can be perfect; things like heavy metals are

Here’s some of the basics of what you should demand of your Vital Five nutrients:


  • Target of 3000mg EPA and DHA daily
  • Made to exceed GOED standards for heavy metals and rancidity
  • Sustainably sourced


  • Properly labelled with the specific strains used
  • Potency measured in CFU
  • Potency guaranteed through expiration

Bone Support:

  • The right dose and form of calcium
  • The right dose and form of Vitamin D
  • Avoid unproven or even dangerous ingredients like strontium


  • Minimally processed for best absorption
  • Free of contaminants and adulterants often found in protein products
  • Sustainably sourced


  • Proper (smaller) doses
  • Best, most absorbable forms
  • No outrageous claims like “food based, whole food, or raw” unless it’s 100% true

Want to Know More About Vital Five Quality?

Dr. Neal’s Top Recommended Vital Five Supplements

I’ve made it easy. These are the specific products I recommend for each category of the Vital Five.

These products are my top pick because:

  • They are custom formulated to exceed my Supplement Quality Standard
  • They are the best value—even when compared to garbage products
  • They are the easiest to take (fewest possible pills for the dose)

Vital Five for Everyone

The Vital Five can be tailored to your specific dietary preference or lifestyle. Select yours below to see what we mean!

Customize Your Vital Five

Our consults for Vital Five are ALWAYS FREE.

Compare your current supplements against my Vital Five standards to see how they stack up. Build a wellness plan with the Vital Five at the core.

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The Vital 5

Nutrients you shouldn’t live without
The Vital 5 Nutrients You Shouldn't Live Without