An Introduction to Vitamin D

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin. No, I’m not having an existential debate with myself about vitamins.

Vitamin D was first discovered from malnutrition, where it initially identified as a vitamin. Sometime after, we found out that our body actually makes Vitamin D. It’s made in one part of the body (the skin), travels to the liver and kidney to get activated, then go to a target tissue.

Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin, it’s actually a hormone! 

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Just trying to keep it real…

Neal Smoller, PharmD
Owner, Pharmacist, Big Mouth

Dr. Neal Smoller, Holistic Pharmacist

About Neal Smoller

Dr. Neal Smoller, PharmD, is a licensed pharmacist: and owner of Village Apothecary, an independent pharmacy in the most famous small town in America—Woodstock, NY. He’s also the host of the popular wellness podcast, The Big Mouth Pharmacist.”


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