First Class is your first step towards the wellness practice of your dreams.

First Class is a guided eight-week journey that educates attendees on building a sustainable wellness practice with actionable steps that can be implemented on day one.

No fluff. No nonsense.

Supplement Science

All the business info in the world is useless if you’re not the expert. We’ll take you through a focused look at key supplements.

The Business

Learn the strategies, buyer personas, financials, inventory and more to running a successful—and sustainable—wellness practice.

Algorithms & Tactics

Fluff-free education provided by an expert. Get actionable steps and practice with real conversations and scenarios.

First Class is a hyperfocused, deep dive into five key supplements you can build a wellness practice around: omega-3, probiotics, bone support supplements, protein, and micronutrients.

Already familiar with these products? Not the way you’ll be after we’re finished with you!

Besides expertise around these supplements and their respective categories, we’ll teach you the following:

  • How to define the type of holistic care practice you’ll want to develop, including how to evaluate the various types of products you’ll carry and the philosophy that will guide your care
  • How to perform private consultations and develop wellness care plans
  • How to navigate common supplement-related questions in a busy wellness practice
  • How to implement a marketing plan and follow up systems to grow your practice and retain your customers

Unlike most supplement education programs, there’s no pseudoscience. We stick to supplements, methods, and advice with solid scientific evidence.

Use Our Tools to Get a Running Start

We’ll help you jumpstart your wellness practice by giving you templates, marketing materials, and product content that you can repurpose and rebrand for you.

Don’t re-create the wheel! We’ve tested this material over our ten-year history. We know what works and what doesn’t.

This content works. I’m sharing it with you. And sharing means caring.

First Class Webinar

Live, Online Classroom Learning

Learn directly from Neal in the comfort of your own home.

No airport. No hotel. No cheap conference lunches.

On-demand and live classes at convenient times for working professionals.

And, someday very soon: CE credits, too!

Community-Plus with First Class

“I recognize that my success in natural products came from the support of other experts and practitioners who came before me.

By joining Supplement School, you’ll be given access to a community of fellow experts interested in building a wellness practice.

You can share ideas, ask questions, and get guidance from me and other experts.

First Class attendees can work closely with their class AND the class members who came before them. Plus, you’ll get access to industry leaders as a part of our growing ‘mastermind’ collective.”

How First Class Works


Sign up today and you’ll immediately begin to get training to start you on your journey. You’ll be assigned to the next available class, which starts at the beginning of each month.

While you wait for your class to begin, you’ll get information to help build your baseline knowledge and get you primed for First Class.

Show Up

The secret to success is showing up. You’ll get invited to live webinars, so mark your calendar and make sure you come by.

Class will take place on two convenient nights—Tuesday and Thursday. A new eight-week class starts at the beginning of each month.


Quizzes and homework (don’t sweat it!) to ensure the education sticks until the last drop.

Follow- Through

Not just one and done. We work with you after the class to check in and track your progress. First Class enrollees get two free hours of video consultation with Neal to discuss your business plans or individual cases.

“The offering of Supplement School and First Class are unmatched. The programs are jam-packed with Neal’s wisdom around supplements AND business. His presentation and delivery is so accessible. The plans he lays out are achievable by any organization, big or small.”

— Richard Stone, CEO of Teeth Tomorrow

Your Story, Your Model, Your Success

Supplement Classifications

Supplement Business Models

Your Wellness Story

Four Steps to Build Your Practice

A Holistic Care Model, Backed by Science

Defining Holistic Care

Understanding the Wellness Pyramid

Nutrition 101

Managing Insomnia

Five Supplements to Build a Business On

Your Core Products

The Vital Five: Omega-3, Probiotics, Bone Support, Protein, Micronutrients

Supplement Strategy

Supplement Assessments


The Science of Proteins

Protein Product Concerns

Protein Supplement Options

Bone Broth, Collagen, and Gelatin


The Science of Probiotics

Probiotic Product Concerns

Probiotic Standards in Practice

Curating Your Probiotic Section


The Science of Omega-3

Omega-3 Product Concerns

Omega-3 Supplement Options

Curating Your Omega-3 Section


Micronutrients A to Z

Whole Food and Partial Truths

Micronutrient Product Options

Curating Your Vitamin Section

Bone Support Supplements

Bone Health and Osteoporosis

Bone Health Therapy Myths

Bone Support Supplement Options

Curating Your Bone Support Section

Becoming a Wellness Advisor

Creating a Follow-Up Plan That Works

Performing Consults

Minding Your Business

Inventory Management Strategies

Financials: Margins, Profit, Targets

Employee Development

Built to Last

“Neal is delivering something extremely valuable and very timely—especially for us pharmacists. He’s knowledgeable, but what he knows isn’t purely academic. Neal is someone who actually practices what he preaches, and First Class is a guide to build success as he has done.”

— Steve Moore, Pharmacist & Owner, Condo Pharmacy

With First Class, You’ll Get:

20+ hours of training

Learn the supplement science, business, and algorithms to build a wellness practice

Get templates and content to get a head start

2 hours of private consultation with Neal

Free Module: Supplement Quality



PLUS – Get an extra FREE module: CBD!

Want to pay with check or ACH? Contact us directly and we’ll arrange it.

Questions? Call, email, or chat below!

“I’ve been turning to Neal for trusted advice on supplementation and wellness for many years, long before I became a health coach.He helped me adjust my dosing, eliminate the unnecessary (even if they were his own brand!), identify the garbage, and focus on what is essential. After all these years, I continue to work with Neal for all of my supplementation needs and encourage my clients to do the same. It’s refreshing to have someone as honest, brilliant, and intentional as him in this industry.”

—Zachary Bodenweber, LMSW, NBC-WHC, BCC • Founder, Health & Wellness Coach • Alchemy Total Wellness, LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

First Class is the boot camp starter course. Supplement School is the institution.

Supplement School, in the very near future, will have a multitude of on-demand classes educating you around supplements and more that will augment your First Class training.

Absolutely not. First Class and Supplement School are for anyone interested in building a wellness practice like no other.

If you’re someone who thinks there’s something ‘wrong’ with the current holistic approaches and natural products industry, Supplement School and First Class will allow you to join the ranks of others motivated to raise the bar.

A new First Class session will roll out the first week of every month, either on a Tuesday or Thursday. Training lasts about eight weeks, so at any given time there will be two or more First Class sessions available for people.

More than 70% of our time will be focused specifically on supplements and holistic care.

Even the business lessons are less about basic business and more about the proper positioning of your expertise and model against those of your competitors.

In other words, the business lessons still speak to holistic care and wellness more than to business per se.

Technically, yes. If you only intend to get a few classes, you can. However, First Class enrolls you into our community for one year as well as providing a few other perks outside the focused, beginner training.

The cost of the modules comprising First Class will be greater than the package deal that First Class offers.

They will! Once our module portion rolls out, though.

First Class attendees will be able to access those modules for on-demand review at no additional charge.

These five supplements are chosen according to the following criteria: those that are in highest demand, the ones that have the richest body of evidence backing them up, and the ones that represent a large portion of a successful practice’s sales.

These five supplements account for nearly 60% of all in-store and online sales for Woodstock Vitamins.

I refer to these products as the Vital Five because they effect multiple body systems, can help support multiple common conditions, and many people lack them in their diets.

These five are foundational to nutrition and our comprehensive model of holistic care.

The key point: we can achieve mastery of these five quickly while we learn the more complex portions of the business and gain the experience of personal consultations and managing the practice.

Then we’ll be ready to rapidly scale up our expertise, built upon our foundational knowledge.

Technically, yes, you can fail. We don’t want that to happen, and if it does, it probably means we suck at our job.

You’ll keep taking the quizzes until you can demonstrate you’ve got the knowledge. Neal will be available 15 minutes before and after class, so you can work with us to better learn the material.

Twenty-five plus hours of educational materials

Templates to help you get a jump start on your business

TweMarketing materials to repurpose in store and online

Certificate of completion

Two hours of private video consultation with Neal about your business, or even assistance with cases

Bonus content, including a module on Supplement Quality

Got Questions?
Need to Learn More?

We’re available immediately to answer your questions. Speak to Neal himself!