Ep. 18 Supplement Manufacturing: Compliance and Concerns

In This Episode

Today on the program, Neal is joined by attorney, Marc Ullman. Marc is a second generation supplement industry lawyer who helps keep an eye on the safe manufacturing of these products.

He tells us all about what he thinks of the quality of supplements today and what to look for on supplement packaging.

Marc also cites some worst-case scenarios and how they were handled, gets into the minutiae of legalizing hemp and CBD, what needs to improve in the supplement industry, as well as the good things he sees happening in manufacturing.

Topics Discussed

  • What Marc’s firm litigates
  • Marc’s father’s work in supplement regulation
  • L-tryptophan as example of bad manufacturing
  • The quality in the industry now
  • Failure to list ingredients
  • Retailers offering their own brands
  • Consumers needing to educate themselves on ingredients
  • What to look for in safe packaging
  • Safe manufacturing of CBD
  • Legality of CBD and hemp
  • The Federal Food/Drug/Cosmetic Act
  • What needs to be fixed in the industry
  • The good things happening in the industry

All About Marc Ullman

Marc S. Ullman represents clients in matters relating to all aspects of Food and Drug Administration regulatory issues with a focus on the Dietary Supplement/Natural Products Industry; Federal Trade Commission proceedings and litigation concerning consumer protection compliance and response to enforcement actions concerning advertising practices, privacy and cybersecurity.

Previously, he practiced with one of New York’s leading white-collar criminal defense firms for ten years, where he represented clients in both federal and state prosecutions, as well as numerous related civil matters and other litigations.

Marc’s expertise includes guiding clients through FDA’s New Dietary Ingredient Notification (NDI) Process and counseling on issues involved in achieving status as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) as a prerequisite for ingredient use in food products.

His work in these areas includes counseling on the first GRAS assessment for Stevia leading to the first legal importation of this ingredient as a sweetener. He also provides counsel to clients dealing with serious recall situations. His work has included representation of clients at the heart of the pet food/melamine, StarCaps and pistachio recalls, providing advice in dealing with the FDA, insurance companies, potential consumer claims, media contacts, and general crisis management.

Marc is on the Board of Directors of the Natural Products Association (NPA) East, a nonprofit trade organization serving the natural and organic foods, vitamins, supplements and cosmetics industries and a Member of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Master of Science in Nutrition Business Leadership Advisory Council.

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