Ep. 84 Stress Management For The End Of Days Pt 1

In This Episode

Managing stress has become paramount this year, so Neal and Daena go through some options for destressing.

Neal has a step-by-step method to identify and treat stress which includes both lifestyle changes and supplements, if needed.

He also has a weight loss update, and a bit of news on the Covid front.

Topics Discussed

  • Weight loss update
  • Covid news
  • Identifying stressors
  • Understanding treatments for stress
  • Calming agents
  • Experimenting to find the right calming regimen for you


Dr. Neal Smoller, Holistic Pharmacist

About Neal Smoller

Dr. Neal Smoller, PharmD, is a licensed pharmacist: and owner of Village Apothecary, an independent pharmacy in the most famous small town in America—Woodstock, NY. He’s also the host of the popular wellness podcast, The Big Mouth Pharmacist.”


The Vital 5

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The Vital 5 Nutrients You Shouldn't Live Without