Ep. 28 Inflammation: The Silent Killer

In This Episode

Neal was on vacation with his family this week, but luckily he does monthly webinars! So we thought this was a great time to share some of that content with you.

This episode focused on chronic inflammation. The World Health Organization states that chronic inflammatory diseases are the most significant cause of death in the world – and it will just get worse in the near future.

Is inflammation bad? What causes inflammation? What can we do naturally to reduce inflammation in the body, and what will that mean for our long-term health?

Neal de-flames the conversation by answering the important questions around inflammation while debunking the abundant myths and misinformation about inflammation and supplements.

Topics Discussed

  • What is Inflammation?
  • What is Chronic Inflammation?
  • Mis-inflammation
  • Treating Inflammations
  • Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: Pros & Cons
  • How can I reduce chronic inflammation? 
  • Risk factors
  • Nutrition 
  • Hydration
  • Stress


Dr. Neal Smoller, Holistic Pharmacist

About Neal Smoller

Dr. Neal Smoller, PharmD, is a licensed pharmacist: and owner of Village Apothecary, an independent pharmacy in the most famous small town in America—Woodstock, NY. He’s also the host of the popular wellness podcast, The Big Mouth Pharmacist.”


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