COVID Testing faqs

How do I ask any question related to COVID-19 testing performed by Village Apothecary?

All questions should be emailed to, and our Test Team support staff will respond directly. We have no phone support, and Village Apothecary store staff will have no information regarding the testing.

Can I ask staff on site my testing questions?

The staff on-site are trained to perform tests. All communications outside the scope of this document should be sent to our Test Team support staff via email, which is composed of medical professionals and COVID-19 testing experts.

What questions can on site staff answer?

Staff will answer the questions on this FAQ, site procedural questions, and some basic scheduling questions.

Why do I have to register?

We are a licensed pharmacy and are required to capture basic demographic information, consent, and more to satisfy our record keeping and reporting requirements.

Do I have to get my tests through this service?

No. You can be tested by a certified lab and submit your results to your district to meet the NYS mandate. Speak to your district for more information.

What tests will you perform?

We will be doing a rapid antigen test, the Abbott BINAX-NOW.

How are samples collected?

Anterior nasal swab (end of the nose, not the deep nasopharyngeal swab). We will perform the test to manufacturers specifications, found here under SPECIMEN COLLECTION

Can I perform the sample collection myself?

In certain situations, with additional consent, we will allow people to perform the sample collection to manufacturer specifications.

How long until I will know the results?

We interpret the test between 15 and 30 minutes after collection.

What if my test is positive?

We will discretely contact you, contact your school district, and notify the county DOH who will guide you further.

What is an 'indeterminate' test result?

Sometimes a lab test can be performed but a clear result cannot be determined. This will require a retest, unfortunately, and a staff member will contact you immediately upon test interpretation to arrange one.

Can I get a formal copy of my results?

We are not required to give written results via paper or email. Paper copies MAY be available, please ask our staff each week. Here is how results will be reported:

      • Positives and indeterminate tests
        • We will call you and your school district discretely and immediately (within 20 minutes of sample collection) via the phone number you used on registration.
      • Negatives
        • We will communicate negative results verbally while on-site only. You can wait for your results, or return to the test site 15 minutes after the sample was collected for verbal confirmation of results.
        • If you do not hear from us within 30 minutes of sample collection, your result is negative
        • All results will be provided in confidential reports to the school district and to the NYS lab reporting system within 24 hours via secure file exchange.
      • All test results (positive, negative, indeterminate)
        • All results will be provided in confidential reports to the school district and to the NYS lab reporting system within 24 hours via secure file exchange.

For printed results, please remain at the testing site until your test is interpreted. Printed results must be picked up no later than 15 minutes prior to clinic end, or they will be destroyed.

Any questions not on this FAQ must be directed to