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Please note: We do not bill insurance for COVID testing at Village Apothecary. We provide you with all documentation to get reimbursed directly from them.  

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Appointment-only COVID-19 testing services now available at Village Apothecary in Woodstock!

Tests We Offer

Rapid Antigen

Rapid Molecular (PCR)

  • We use a rapid RT-PCR test called Accula SARS CoV-2 Test.
  • RT-PCR test is a type of NAAT test, also called a Molecular COVID test.
  • Results are ready in 2 hours.
  • Samples are collected in the anterior nares, or end of your nostril (not the back of your sinuses)
  • Click here for the EUA and here for the company’s website.

For our Ulster and Dutchess County school district testing initiative, click the button below

Test Costs & Insurance

We do NOT bill medical or pharmacy benefits plans for in-store COVID-19 testing.

All COVID-19 tests must be paid for out of pocket.

We provide a full report that contains all billing information that can be submitted for reimbursement from most medical plans.

Rapid Antigen
Tests In Store:


Rapid PCR
Tests In Store:



We provide you with an email and/or printed version of your COVID-19 test result. Each day, results are reported to the NY ECLRS system as required by law.

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