Ep. 89 Listener Questions

In This Episode Neal has received a few questions from across his various platforms, so today he is answering them here! One podcast listener asked which Vitamin C is the best. Long-time listeners may already know Neal’s feelings on this, but his answer might surprise you! Neal answeres a question about his opinion of Prevagen, …

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Ep. 40 Cancer Hope Coach

In This Episode To say that Tara Ryan is a cancer survivor is an understatement.  She is a champion who has survived multiple diagnoses and surgeries – experiences that have brought her to counseling newly diagnosed cancer patients. On today’s podcast, Tara speaks with Neal about her story, from her first diagnosis to losing own father to cancer. …

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Ep. 25 All Mushrooms Aren’t Magic

In This Episode In this episode, Neal is joined by Skye Chilton, founder of Real Mushrooms, a supplement company that specializes in medicinal mushroom extracts. Skye tells us all about the anatomy of a mushroom, and which compounds in the mushrooms are medicinal. He and Neal explore the challenges of ensuring high-quality compounds in the …

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Ep. 17 The Mind-Gut Connection

In This Episode Dr. Melissa Hunt is back! Today, she has come to talk to us about the connection between the brain and the gut. Neal and Dr. Hunt talk about the path of physiology that leads to GI disorders, and how the endocrine system is involved. We’ll also explore the long term effects of …

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Where to get real information on Alzheimer’s

The natural products industry doesn’t have enough oversight. The FDA expects voluntary compliance with the rules and regulations, but there is no organization tasked with checking supplement quality or reviewing marketing materials. They took action recently against supplement companies making false claims and spreading misinformation around Alzheimer’s disease products. I think that “practitioners”, pseudo-experts, and …

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Fake Alzheimer’s Supplements

Exciting news for people like us who love supplements but hate the misinformation and poor quality products that saturate the market… The FDA announced actions against supplement brands that are making false claims about their products. One such claim, in great interest to me, is supplements that are claimed to treat or cure Alzheimer’s. I’m …

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Mindfulness and Meditation

Let’s start out by getting some important information out of the way. The stigma surrounding mental health is still generally negative. People who deal with mental health issues or those who go to therapy are often seen as “weak” – a belief held more by older than younger generations. This macho stance is often a …

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