What Do I Do Now?

As you can imagine, I get asked quite often, “What Do I Do Now?” Folks are looking for answers on if they should wear a mask, if they should be rushing to get another booster shot, if they can hang out with their friends, and much much more. I’ve covered this all in a number …

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COVID: Now is the New Normal.

“Now more than ever,” we’ve been told that “these uncertain times” are now “the new normal,” and to “navigate the uncertain times” you should buy from our brand because “we’re all in this together.” Nauseating cliches that don’t reflect reality, amirite? First, your brand sucks, and Pop-Tarts won’t really get us through this. Second, we’re …

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Ep. 100 Hear Me Roar

In This Episode Neal had a stellar week immunizing over 3000 people in Ulster County, NY. He explains all the successes and hurdles he and his staff experienced across three days of intense clinics in three towns. Bringing episode 100 to a close, Neal makes a big announcement. Thanks for all the love and support! …

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Life After COVID Vaccines

Like a miracle, COVID vaccines are being delivered to end both this pandemic and my incessant blogging and podcasting on the topic. Nearly 60 million people as of today have been immunized. All of them are collectively asking, “When can someone sneeze into my face again?” Or, “All those folks in Florida and Texas have …

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Ep. 99 Happy New Year!?!

In This Episode Neal’s effort to vaccinate disenfranchised communities is getting some media attention, which is exciting and hopefully encouraging to others fighting the good fight. He and Daena also talk about the effect of painkillers on the efficacy of the vaccines, doing the math on covid risk in a mixed vaccinated population, and love …

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Ep. 98 Neal Needs A Nap

In This Episode Neal has requested 10,000 doses of the Covid vaccine and it’s looking like he will get them, so he and Daena go through the details of planning equitable and efficient distribution of that many doses. If you are a pharmacist, listen up! Daena got her second shot yesterday and is suffering a …

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