Delta – Revenge of the Anti-Faxxers

Sorry for the hiatus, gang, but I’ve been out saving the world by stabbing people—most times twice! I’ve finally stepped off that crazy merry-go-round—objectively victorious! Now, I’m getting my bearings, checking the weather, reading the room… and I’m super confused. America is giving off some serious “George Bush with the Mission Accomplished banner” vibes right …

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The Traitors

When I talk about menopause with women of age, I explain that there are two main sources of estrogen and progesterone: the ovaries and the adrenal glands. Your stress throughout your life makes the adrenal gland’s hormones go a bit bonkers, but you just don’t notice it. This is because the ovaries are pumping out …

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The Rant: Vote

Everything sucks. Tension is at an all-time high. This is an extremely difficult time to be alive, even for us Americans who mostly have had it pretty cushy. Two sides are seemingly at war. They’ve given up on each other. Folks are pointing fingers, stating how “woke” they are compared to their “foe.” Everyone’s exhausted …

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Words Matter, Dr. Mercola

When I call charlatans or brands out for their wellness wackiness, I’m pretty reserved about dropping names. No one has time to go through the legal process if we have an extra-testy or litigious target, and getting sued in general just kills my vibe. The main reason is that people who end up in my …

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Talking To The Wall

If there were a lifetime limit to the number of WTFs I could mutter, I would have used all of them up during this pandemic. “Mind-boggling” is the G-Rated adjective I now use when people ask me what I think of all of this.  From our removal of the Pandemic Response Unit, to wasting time …

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The Coronavirus Conspiracy

Houston… we have a problem. I heard—from a reliable source—that the government is using COVID-19 as a test for a future biological weapon.  I researched for a while and found that actually the Constitution doesn’t permit the government to keep us locked up. Someone else told me that they don’t want us to know the …

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COVID – Where Are Our Leaders?

I can’t end this month without a light-on-facts-but-feelings-filled rant. I hesitate because I wanted to leave the emotions out during this time where people need direction, but I don’t think I can help it. It’s because of the times that I think we may need a little, impassioned rant. There’s a lot swirling in my …

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