Words Matter, Dr. Mercola

When I call charlatans or brands out for their wellness wackiness, I’m pretty reserved about dropping names. No one has time to go through the legal process if we have an extra-testy or litigious target, and getting sued in general just kills my vibe. The main reason is that people who end up in my …

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Ep. 69 Listener Questions

In This Episode Today on the sexiest episode of the podcast, Neal and Daena catch up on some questions asked by patients. Well, Neal answers them. Daena mostly interrupts with very helpful anecdotes. They also touch on some articles about COVID including COVID-sniffing dogs, yet another study on genetics’ roles in the severity of infection, …

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Ep. 68 Carb Stores & COVID Spikes

In This Episode With COVID cases spiking in parts of the country and most states reopened, Neal and Daena take a minute to look at the risk factors of various meeting spots such as restaurants, music venues, and sports arenas. Neal also updates us on his weight loss efforts, and discusses carb stores and measuring …

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The Formula for Reopening Your Lives

Recently, I gave practical advice on how to address any obstacles in returning to “normal.”  In that discussion, we’re saying that we have to still consider everyone out there high risk or direct carriers. You know, they’re Zombies! This week I’d like to give Part 2 of the conversation, which ignores venturing out into retail settings …

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Talking To The Wall

If there were a lifetime limit to the number of WTFs I could mutter, I would have used all of them up during this pandemic. “Mind-boggling” is the G-Rated adjective I now use when people ask me what I think of all of this.  From our removal of the Pandemic Response Unit, to wasting time …

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