Unhealthy Pandemic Habits

There are a few behavior patterns emerging in our shelter-at-home state that we should address, as they move us farther away from the optimal wellness we seek. “In these unprecedented times” I myself have taken to becoming what I eat. That is, I eat a lot of Chunky Monkey ice cream. Some people are taking …

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The Vitamin D – COVID Connection

Vitamin D is in the media once more. There’s been a release of some “papers” connecting Vitamin D levels to higher survival chances with COVID-19. Let’s talk about Vitamin D a little bit and how these “papers” and resulting discussion are wrong, but also right. I’ve written a pretty thorough article on Vitamin D. It’s a …

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The Coronavirus Conspiracy

Houston… we have a problem. I heard—from a reliable source—that the government is using COVID-19 as a test for a future biological weapon.  I researched for a while and found that actually the Constitution doesn’t permit the government to keep us locked up. Someone else told me that they don’t want us to know the …

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Ep.60 COVID & Boosting Immunity

In This Episode The idea of boosting immunity is commonplace but greatly misunderstood. Today Neal elucidates the concept. He explains the value of vitamin C, the role of probiotics, and the difference between underactive vs. overactive immune systems. Other topics Neal explores include diabetes, vaccines and herd immunity. Of course, he talks about how this all ties …

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Ep. 59 Coping with Covid

In This Episode Steven Ball is a psychotherapist who did advocacy work during the early days of the HIV epidemic. He was a recent guest on the Big Mouth Pharmacist podcast speaking about the similarities between the HIV epidemic and COVID. In this discussion he and Neal explore the emotional side of COVID19, offering a thoughtful conversation around how to best …

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Ep.57 It’s Allergies, Not COVID

In This Episode In this episode, Neal and Daena do a quick (remote) discussion of allergies, since it’s that time of year – and with all the hysteria right now,  allergy symptoms might be mistaken for Covid-19. So Dr. Neal breaks down what histamines are, and what exactly is going on in our bodies when they …

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COVID – Where Are Our Leaders?

I can’t end this month without a light-on-facts-but-feelings-filled rant. I hesitate because I wanted to leave the emotions out during this time where people need direction, but I don’t think I can help it. It’s because of the times that I think we may need a little, impassioned rant. There’s a lot swirling in my …

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