You Don’t Want Transparency

Whoa, that’s a little direct and presumptive of a title, Neal!” Yep. I did it for the clicks. I try to dig at consumers of supplements very little. The truth is, the natural product industry propaganda is VERY strong and manipulative. It’s technically not your fault if you end up making “bad” supplement decisions.  Despite …

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DNA Testing For Vitamins Is Silly

This month’s rant is brought to you by a sales package I received at the store a few weeks back. I was “triggered.” Nothing irritates me more than junk mail, especially ones with fancy, expensive packaging, lots of paper, and plastic devices I’ll never use. Well, except maybe gimmicky products making false claims that come …

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These Mushroom Gurus Are A Fungus

One of the best parts of my job is all the great conversations that take place after we share our content. After my last mushroom blog & podcast, I’ve heard from dozens and dozens of people about their mushroom supplements. The common thread in all those chats? People now realize they aren’t taking real mushrooms. “Yeah, you said …

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Natural Management of Constipation

Constipation. What a glorious topic. Especially if you are immature and mostly unprofessional, like myself. I know what you’re thinking. “Oh no.” But also, “What is there to rant about with constipation?” Great question. Don’t poo poo this idea, it’s solid. 🙂 Today, I want to discuss the natural management of constipation in rant format, …

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The Rant: Tested, But Not Trusted

Mega-corporation CVS has announced their plans to require third party testing on all the supplements they carry. The program, called “Tested To Be Trusted,” has been touted as an industry-leading initiative that completely revolutionizes a customer’s experience around purchasing supplements. I think that’s a wee bit of a stretch.Credit where due: Yes, testing to verify your products …

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The Guide To Dietary Fats

In the news this week: “Eggs are bad and if you eat them you’re a jerk.” Then comes the blog articles from all the food babes and company: “THEY say eggs are bad but we’re smarter than scientists so we disagree,” or “See, we told you eggs were bad duuuuuhhhhh.” Fair and balanced reporting, America style. …

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