Attack of the Clowns

This month we’re extra rant-y.  We tried to go softer with this but it’s time to say something.  We did, however, change the names of some of the characters to protect the innocent before sending this off. The innocent in this situation is us; we live in an overly litigious society and we don’t want …

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Can You Trust your Pharmacist?

We frequently bash the supplement industry. From the mega-corporations hypocritically pushing a pseudo-noble agenda in order to get a stranglehold on every last drop of profits, to the health food stores where 94% of advice given is based on no scientific truth or loosely based on reasonable evidence. Today we set our sights on the …

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Are Herbs Safer Than Medicines?

As many of our New York patients know, we are pharmacists and own integrative pharmacies along with our new vitamin store, Woodstock Vitamins.  We get lots of slack from “competitors” at health food and vitamin stores: “You sell harsh chemicals that are unnatural, how can you sell vitamins?” More commonly, and the subject of today’s …

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Pyramid Schemes

Almost everyone has been to one of those home shopping parties. Your friend signs up to sell kitchen gadgets, Tupperware, jewelry, or even “marital aids”, then hosts a party at their house. We go, since they are our friends, have a little vino and laugh at the weird overpriced gadgets.  Nobody gets hurt, everyone has a little fun, …

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Something Fishy

Today we present you with more than you’d ever want to know about fish oil production.  Many patients are telling us, “I’ve heard fish oil processing is bad.” Recently this has been paired with “Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) is the way to go.”   This rant will be a thorough breakdown of the myths …

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Multivitamins Don’t Work!

I’m sure you saw it… Online, on TV…  It was everywhere! For about 48 hours… New research has shown that long term use of multivitamins doesn’t provide the health benefits we once thought.  We’ve already ranted on the topic so we were going to let it go.  Then, however, we read the comments from consumers on …

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Our Monthly Rant From Neal

This month we attack the propaganda machine that is targeting a new diet trend – Raw Food Diets.  The talking heads and supplement companies are going after people who participate in Raw Food Diets trying to extract every last penny and misdirect them (as usual). We’re here to protect our Raw Foodies and educate others …

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