First off, I’m sorry. No rants in months. I’ve neglected the one business I’m so very passionate about – Woodstock Vitamins. Today we begin again.  The primary reason behind our silence is the subject matter of today’s rant. It’s pharmacy. Our core business at 3 of our 4 locations.  Our profession.  Our motivation for opening our biggest, nicest location yet. And the …

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Qualifying Quality

Perusing the supplement industry “rags” I noticed something I really hadn’t paid much attention to in the past.  Everyone, I mean, EVERYONE, talks about quality.  They talk about how their products are quality, how great their products are for you, and how THEY have the evidence behind it all. We’re going to beat those claims …

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Becoming Better Researchers

This month I want to take on research. My cortisol levels spike daily reading about the new “research” in the media.  The way it’s portrayed to us, the public, compared to what the data is or actually showing is appalling.  Then companies, especially in the natural products industry, site “research” to strengthen their claims.  Finally, the …

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The Detoxin’ Concoctions

The New Year ushers in excitement, change, and endless possibility. This, coincidentally, runs parallel to the “oh my god I just ate waaaay too much” regrets and corresponding action plan to get back on track.  Who’s there to cash in on your desire to be a healthier person? The quacks in the natural products industry pushing …

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Another One Bites The Dust

Recently we received some bad news. A raw material supplier who was supplying truly whole food vitamins to a few of our high-quality brands has decided to sell out.  This has made us sad, so this rant will be less “ranty” and more educational. Just so we’re clear, we don’t really blame him. He built a …

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