Introducing Calcium Care – A Whole-Food Calcium Supplement

We are proud to finally and officially announce the arrival of Calcium Care, our 100% whole food calcium supplement. Some of you may remember “Calcium Food”, our version 1.0 of whole food calcium supplements. Calcium Care is a radically more sophisticated formula offering nutrients proven to support bone health without using synthetic, gross chemicals, but instead, …

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Calcium Doesn’t Work?!

Calcium made the news again recently. A meta-analysis (a study of past studies) was published in JAMA stating there is no benefit of using calcium supplementation in adults over 50. To which we elegantly replied, “no duh.” That’s not the whole picture; there’s more to understand before we all stop taking calcium supplements. But yes, …

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Got Fake Milk?

We all remember those milk commercials, right?  Some B-List celebrity gets a milk mustache, a million bucks, and grows up big and strong. My grandfather would always tell me stories about how his mom made him drink a quart of milk a day. Personally, I love a cold glass of milk and warm chocolate chip …

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