Essential Oils for Pest Control

Spring is here and the weather just may start cooperating soon.  That means we can finally get rid of this cabin fever and start exploring the great outdoors.  It also means all the little buggers of the world will have the same idea.  They’ll be showing us, rather efficiently, why they are called pests.  Now …

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Lyme Disease Revisited

I’m going to go ahead and get this horrible pun out of the way: We are ticked off by all the misinformation about Lyme disease!!! Now then, let’s get to work… Lyme disease. We’ve ranted about this before, yes, but we feel it is time for an update. This year will be a bad one …

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Pyramid Schemes

Almost everyone has been to one of those home shopping parties. Your friend signs up to sell kitchen gadgets, Tupperware, jewelry, or even “marital aids”, then hosts a party at their house. We go, since they are our friends, have a little vino and laugh at the weird overpriced gadgets.  Nobody gets hurt, everyone has a little fun, …

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You can DIY, but you are not alone!

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