Ep. 83 Bone Health Nutrition

In This Episode This week in Week-Old News, Covid-19 has torn through the White House. But since we all saw this coming, Neal and Daena are focusing on foods that promote bone health. Neal has curated a list of which foods are good for bone health and which detract from it. He also explains what …

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60 Minutes To Change Your Life

New year, new beginnings… at least that’s what the marketing machines in the wellness space tell us. There is no absence of advice on how to proceed every January. Typically, creating this “new you” involves spending more money on gym memberships, supplements, and consultations with “experts.” We’re all very aware that most of the moves …

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Ep. 23 Kickin’ It With A Podiatrist

In This Episode Neal is joined by podiatrist and author, Doug Tumen. Doug recently published his first book, covering every aspect of foot care.  Doug and Neal discuss the importance of proper footwear; the causes and treatment of fungus; and how to deal with Plantar Fasciitis. Other topics discussed include copper-infused socks, what to do about …

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I write this rant today, 4 weeks late, for many reasons. It’s about resolutions. I’ve made many myself as I’m sure you at home have. I made a bit of a resolution too. I’ve resolved to not let up on my vision for Woodstock Vitamins.  I’m doubling down on pointing out the “fake news” of our industry …

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