A Love Letter to the Vaccine Hesitant

My mission is to help all people sort through the misinformation and BS to make the BEST health and wellness decisions they can. Holistic doesn’t mean anti-medicine. Quite the opposite, actually. Holistic means whole body, and conventional, appropriate medical interventions are a big part of my model for true holistic care, the Wellness Pyramid. Translated …

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Delta – Revenge of the Anti-Faxxers

Sorry for the hiatus, gang, but I’ve been out saving the world by stabbing people—most times twice! I’ve finally stepped off that crazy merry-go-round—objectively victorious! Now, I’m getting my bearings, checking the weather, reading the room… and I’m super confused. America is giving off some serious “George Bush with the Mission Accomplished banner” vibes right …

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2021: New Year. New Me. New Site.

Happy New Year everybody! Welcome to 2020 Part 2! We’ve got some changes in store for me, the business, and you this year, so let me lay out how I see the next 12 months unfolding.

You can DIY, but you are not alone!

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