The Guide To Dietary Fats

In the news this week: “Eggs are bad and if you eat them you’re a jerk.” Then comes the blog articles from all the food babes and company: “THEY say eggs are bad but we’re smarter than scientists so we disagree,” or “See, we told you eggs were bad duuuuuhhhhh.” Fair and balanced reporting, America style. …

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Joint Health Supplements

If you’re like people on the internet, when you have joint pain, your body turns into an x-ray with neon blots: Or, maybe you spend lots of time rubbing a seemingly pained knee: Every article about joint health uses those same images! No one is original. Here’s our stock photo for discussing joint health: That …

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Fish Oil: Told Ya So!

A new clinical trial studying a prescription strength specialty fish oil has concluded. The product is Vascepa by Amarin, and it is a unique product. Most fish oil products are a combination of the two essential fatty acids (Omega-3s) EPA and DHA. Vascepa, however, is 100% EPA. The dose studied in the trial was 4000 mg, which …

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We Ask The Wrong Questions

There’s ample proof that the wellness experience you pay for is not the one you intended to receive. Look through a few of our rants for more than enough evidence to make you go “Hmmmm…” The cause of the gap between what you want and what you get is mostly due to quality. Product and information quality are poor. …

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Heart Healthy Supplements

Everyone in the health and wellness space talks about heart disease this month, so we wanted to weigh in on the discussion a bit.  Many people look to Heart Healthy Supplements to prevent having to use drugs. In fact, I don’t think there’s another group of supplements used as frequently for this same reason. Doctors are wary …

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You can DIY, but you are not alone!

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