The Vitamin D – COVID Connection

Vitamin D is in the media once more. There’s been a release of some “papers” connecting Vitamin D levels to higher survival chances with COVID-19. Let’s talk about Vitamin D a little bit and how these “papers” and resulting discussion are wrong, but also right. I’ve written a pretty thorough article on Vitamin D. It’s a …

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15 Fun Facts About Elderberry

With cough and cold season in full swing, it’s time we take a deep dive into an age-old winter-time companion, elderberry. In a break from the norm, we’ll attack this in a fun, modern listicle format. Just like all those really popular blogs that we always said we wouldn’t emulate. The kids want it, so …

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Ep. 13 Vaping: The Next Epidemic

In This Episode Meredith Berkman, the co-founder of Parents Against Vaping E-cigarettes, joins us today to expose the truth about the real harm that E-cigarettes are causing, in particular, the brand Juul.   She talks about the chemistry of the new nicotine compounds, the very shrewd and insidious marketing to kids, and what her foundation is …

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