Another One Bites The Dust

Recently we received some bad news. A raw material supplier who was supplying truly whole food vitamins to a few of our high-quality brands has decided to sell out.  This has made us sad, so this rant will be less “ranty” and more educational. Just so we’re clear, we don’t really blame him. He built a …

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Pyramid Schemes

Almost everyone has been to one of those home shopping parties. Your friend signs up to sell kitchen gadgets, Tupperware, jewelry, or even “marital aids”, then hosts a party at their house. We go, since they are our friends, have a little vino and laugh at the weird overpriced gadgets.  Nobody gets hurt, everyone has a little fun, …

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Something Fishy

Today we present you with more than you’d ever want to know about fish oil production.  Many patients are telling us, “I’ve heard fish oil processing is bad.” Recently this has been paired with “Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) is the way to go.”   This rant will be a thorough breakdown of the myths …

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Multivitamins Don’t Work!

I’m sure you saw it… Online, on TV…  It was everywhere! For about 48 hours… New research has shown that long term use of multivitamins doesn’t provide the health benefits we once thought.  We’ve already ranted on the topic so we were going to let it go.  Then, however, we read the comments from consumers on …

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Our Monthly Rant From Neal

This month we attack the propaganda machine that is targeting a new diet trend – Raw Food Diets.  The talking heads and supplement companies are going after people who participate in Raw Food Diets trying to extract every last penny and misdirect them (as usual). We’re here to protect our Raw Foodies and educate others …

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What’s In The Bottle?

If you haven’t noticed by now, our purpose is to show you the down and dirty of the food and supplement industries. Our tagline is “Honesty in Wellness” but that’s only because we didn’t want to use “Knock off the B.S., Supplement Industry”. People often think we’re overly dramatic or, perhaps, make things out to …

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Got Fake Milk?

We all remember those milk commercials, right?  Some B-List celebrity gets a milk mustache, a million bucks, and grows up big and strong. My grandfather would always tell me stories about how his mom made him drink a quart of milk a day. Personally, I love a cold glass of milk and warm chocolate chip …

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The Truth Behind Your Juice

This month we attack juicing. Whether it’s the “100% natural” juice you see in the store (organic or not!) or at-home juicers, there are some key myths to address. We’ll take you on a behind-the-scenes journey through the juice manufacturing process using oranges as an example.  Imagine a nice Sunday breakfast – bacon, eggs, hash …

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Our Monthly Rant

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly rant about something that gets our blood pressure up or induces flushing when we think about it.

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