Ep. 48 Shake Up Your Weight Loss

In This Episode To put a cap on weight-loss resolutions for the new year, Neal and Daena are discussing meal replacement shakes today. We take a look at what a meal replacement shake should include, and how it differs from just protein powder. Neal talks about what to look for on the label, the different …

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Ep. 39 Collagen Deep Dive

In This Episode Collagen is having its 15 minutes of fame, so Neal and Daena are talking about it!  In this podcast, Neal discusses the structure of this unique protein, and what it does for the body. He also explains powders vs. bone broth, quality issues and adulteration, collagen booster supplements, and how this all intersects …

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Wellness Pyramid

Ep. 2 The Wellness Pyramid

In This Episode Neal has a formula for living your healthiest life that he calls the wellness pyramid. It can be applied to each facet of a person’s life to avoid getting mired in whatever new health craze has taken over. He has his producer, Daena, chime in with some anecdotes from her life to …

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The Garden of Lies

We shout from the rooftops that our whole food supplements are “100% Whole Food, 0% Nonsense.” In this world of supplement misinformation, the unfortunate truth is that we have to make this distinction.   Search online for whole food supplements and you will find, without doubt, a gluttony of the nonsense we talk about. The term “whole food” …

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An Introduction to Vitamin D

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin. No, I’m not having an existential debate with myself about vitamins. Vitamin D was first discovered from malnutrition, where it initially identified as a vitamin. Sometime after, we found out that our body actually makes Vitamin D. It’s made in one part of the body (the skin), travels to the …

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