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A Note From Neal...

Boosters are coming.  
This time around it isn’t do or die.  We rose to the occasion once, and we all gave a lot of ourselves to the cause.
This time around, we’re going to hang a shingle and see who shows up.  I could not possibly go into beast mode again, nor would I ask you to volunteer your time for this effort. 
With that in mind, I want to gather a new list of folks who are interested in being paid members of the COVID BOOSTING ARMY.  
We are looking at paying $15/hr for help with screening and consent, reconciliation, filing, and traffic management.  
Data Entry and vaccination will be largely taken care of, but if you were a superstar on the computer or are interested in being a part of the paid vaccination team, just fill out the form below.
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paid covid-boosting army Roles

Screening & Documentation

Ask the patient the important questions to determine if they are eligible for a booster, supply them with necessary documents, and direct them to be immunized.

Reconciliation and Filling

File all the daily paperwork alphabetically. Looking for folks who are obsessed with order and organization.

Traffic control

Confidently and politely guide people through one or more stages of our system, keeping them 6 feet apart and compliant with mask rules. Must demonstrate leadership ability and must take the initiative to ensure optimal flow through the machine.

paid covid-boosting army Interest Form

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Paid Covid Boosting Team Members May Need The Following Skills

Sit, stand, or walk for extended periods

Speak clearly and sometimes loudly for extended periods

Demonstrate competency in the assigned roles

Paid Covid Boosting Team Members May Need To Undergo Additional Training

Sign our confidentiality agreement and take basic HIPAA training

Review our training videos for each role