NYS requires proof of age and the consent of a parent or legal guardian for all patients 16 and 17 years old. 

Here is the verbiage from them on age:
“If an individual is eligible due to their age, they must produce proof of age and proof of residence in New York. To prove New York residence, an individual must show:

• One of the following: State or government-issued ID; Statement from landlord; Current rent receipt or lease; Mortgage records; or
• Two of the following: Statement from another person; Current mail; School records.

For age, such proof may include:

• Driver’s license or non-driver ID;
• Birth certificate issued by a state or local government;
• Current U.S passport or valid foreign passport;
• Permanent resident card;
• Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship;
• Life insurance policy with birthdate; or
• Marriage certificate with birthdate.”

Parent or Legal Guardian status will be verified via identification and verbally on site, and said individual will confirm their status by signing the Immunization Screening and Consent form and checking “I am the patient’s parent or legal guardian.”

First Dose

How does it work with Village Apothecary?

  • Visit 
  • Choose the date and time you’d like to walk-in to Village Apothecary for your dose.

What vaccines do you provide?

  • We will give whatever we can get our hands on
  • We currently have all three: Pfizer, Moderna, J&J

Can you immunize me, because I’m eligible?

  • We are authorized to immunize anyone 12 and older!

Why do you need my insurance card if the vaccines are provided by the government?

  • To get paid for the services we are providing (administration of a vaccine)
  • There is no cost to you at all

I’m over 65, what insurance card do I use?

  • COVID vaccine administration is reimbursed by federal-level Medicare
  • This is the red/white/blue paper card with PART A and PART B coverage on it
  • If you are over 65 and are still employed or have no Part B coverage, we will need to see your PRESCRIPTION BENEFITS CARD.
  • These cards normally have RxBin, RxPCN, RxID, and RxGroup on them

Second Dose

Is the second dose the same as the first one?

  • YES! The second dose is literally the same exact thing as the first dose. Same amount, same composition, same everything!

Can I get a Second Dose with you if I got my First Dose elsewhere?

  • Yep, you bet.

Can the second shot be administered earlier (or later) than 4 weeks?

  • There is some leeway in when you can get a second dose.  In general, it’s about 4 days before your due date and up to 2 weeks after.
  • Moderna doses are every 4 weeks and Pfizer doses are every 3 weeks.

I have a question about the vaccine or process...

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