first dose: Next steps

Rejoice, and Get Ready!​

We’re happy to hear that you’ve reserved a dose for one of our immunization clinics!

If you score a coveted spot, time to start the celebration… and get some work done! Below are a number of steps to complete in anticipation of your appointment.

Forgot your appointment time? Confirm your appointment:

Step 1

Help us reduce waste!

During signup you were asked to download legally required documents. We’re including them here just in case you can’t find them and want a copy.

Download them.

Step 2

Register with NYS DOH

This is only to be done when you have received confirmation from us that you are scheduled to receive a dose at our clinic.

You will have to certify SEPARATELY with NYS that you are eligible for the vaccine for your first dose.

This MUST be done for your spot to be finalized/reserved.

Click this link here:


  • Print the confirmation screen NYS supplies you
  • Write down your submission ID

You will be asked to give this proof to the volunteers on immunization day.

Step 3

Take Time to Answer Your Questions

After you have a confirmed appointment and the excitement has really died down, please return here and read up on the vaccine. We will have limited time available to go over basic, frequently asked questions at the vaccine clinic.

Below are a number of resources we have created to help you feel better about the vaccine.

Step 4

Prepare for Clinic Day

Please download this document which goes over what you need to bring with you to the clinic, how it will work at the clinic, and what to expect.

I can’t stress enough: wear a T-Shirt! We’re giving you an immunization, so plan on easy access to your upper arm (deltoid muscle).

Medicare cards MUST be the red, white, and blue Part A and B cards. We need the newer ones that DO NOT have your social security number on it.

Step 5

Get Vaccinated and Celebrate

Show up to the clinic 10 minutes early but do not get out of your car until exactly 5 minutes before your appointment to ensure optimal flow and to reduce confusion at the clinic.

If you have any questions about logistics, we are accepting them via email only. Please DO NOT call the store.


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