scoring your first dose

You want a COVID vaccine?

We don’t have doses regularly, but when we get them we schedule rapid-fire mass vaccination clinics. Spaces for these clinics fill up fast, and people on our WAITLIST are notified first. I recommend taking these steps:

  1. Get on as many waitlists lists as possible. Sign up for ours here.
  2. Read up about the vaccine, its side effects, and more.  We have a number of resources to help out, and those are all below.

Once a clinic opens up:

  1. Waitlist subscribers will be notified first and will receive a sign-up link in their email. Sign-up links will also be posted above If any spaces remain available.
  2. Pharmacies are authorized by New York State to immunize anyone meeting the minimum age requirements: 16+ for Pfizer; 18+ for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.
  3. There will be NO drop-ins. Our clinics are appointment only. Our doses will be tightly managed, and absolutely all will be accounted for.

About The Waitlist And What Happens Next

After you’ve signed up to be notified, here’s what will happen:
  1. We all play the waiting game. We are unsure if/when we’ll get doses. If we get them, we all will be pleasantly surprised
  2. Once I’m 100% sure we’re getting doses, I will make an email announcement to all people on the waiting list that we received doses and will host a clinic (dates and times to be determined)
  3. In that email will be a RESERVE A DOSE link. Click it to register and select a time slot
  4. Approximately 1 hour later, I’ll make formal announcements on our social media pages, sharing the RESERVE A DOSE link (though it probably won’t be necessary; these clinics will fill up VERY quickly!)

If you are able to reserve a dose and receive a confirmation, go to FIRST DOSE NEXT STEPS.

If you aren’t so lucky, here’s what you should know:

  • There are thousands of people vying for a hundred or so spots, and therefore there’s a low chance, generally, that you’ll get these first coveted doses. Deep breath. You’ll get one!
  • You will remain on the waitlist indefinitely until you choose to unsubscribe
We know there will be technical difficulties!
  • Sometimes you’ll get most of the form filled out but you’ll not be able to reserve a spot. There’s nothing we can do.
  • Sometimes, you’ll have technical problems. There’s nothing we can do.
  • Sometimes, the email might end up in your SPAM. There’s nothing we can do.

We won’t be able to troubleshoot technical problems during signup. We’ll be monitoring it as close as we can.

A word of encouragement: if we all do our part to make this whole process smooth as possible, I feel like we will be able to continue this process over and over again to our hearts content!


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