COVID: Now is the New Normal.

“Now more than ever,” we’ve been told that “these uncertain times” are now “the new normal,” and to “navigate the uncertain times” you should buy from our brand because “we’re all in this together.” Nauseating cliches that don’t reflect reality, amirite? First, your brand sucks, and Pop-Tarts won’t really get us through this. Second, we’re …

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Life After COVID Vaccines

Like a miracle, COVID vaccines are being delivered to end both this pandemic and my incessant blogging and podcasting on the topic. Nearly 60 million people as of today have been immunized. All of them are collectively asking, “When can someone sneeze into my face again?” Or, “All those folks in Florida and Texas have …

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Bubble Buddies: COVID In The Fall

Practical tips for managing and coping with covid.  That’s my specialty. We’ve talked about how to re-emerge from our caves after quarantine, but now we need some help returning to our dens for hibernation. Because, as they say in horrible failed TV shows: If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit nervous, frustrated, and worried about …

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Immune Health: Take This, Not That

In a previous rant, I stated that COVID has made me come to grips with a fact I’ve been avoiding: my uphill battle of getting good information out into the world that will result in changed behavior is more uphill than I had imagined. Even at 40 I still have that optimistic, idealistic shine! How charming, right? I’m …

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