The Big Mouth Pharmacist Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Neal Smoller

A sarcastic, slightly unprofessional medical professional talks myths and misinformation in the wellness space. Do supplements REALLY work? Are medicines REALLY the devil? Broadcasting from the most famous small town in America — Woodstock, NY!


Ep. 34 Flu Shot Myth Busting

In This Episode With flu season quickly approaching, Neal decided to tackle flu shots head-on. His #1 takeaway? YOU DO NOT GET THE FLU FROM FLU SHOTS. Neal explains the immune response that is to be expected and why the shots are yearly. He also examines who flu vaccines benefit and what is done for immunocompromised …

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Ep.32 The Whole Vitamin Truth

In This Episode Joining the conversation today is one of Neal’s favorite whole food vitamin creators, Dr. Vic Shayne.  He and Neal go in-depth about why it’s so important to get our vitamins and minerals from food, and how to find a supplement that is closest to food in the case of deficiency. Dr. Shayne explains the …

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Ep. 26 Mouth-Watering Dentistry

In This Episode Neal speaks with Dr. Claudia Patch to explore why dental hygiene is among the most important parts of overall health. Dr. Patch explains how sugar leads directly to tooth decay, and which tooth care habits are most important to maintain at a bare minimum. Neal and Claudia also explore the effect of acid …

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