Calcium Doesn’t Work?!

Calcium made the news again recently. A meta-analysis (a study of past studies) was published in JAMA stating there is no benefit of using calcium supplementation in adults over 50. To which we elegantly replied, “no duh.” That’s not the whole picture; there’s more to understand before we all stop taking calcium supplements. But yes, …

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Essential Oils

When you hear the word essential oils, what comes to mind? Amazing scents? Tranquility? Us too. But one more phrase sticks out with us supplement nerds, and that’s “misleading claims.” This month we will discuss essential oils and address the ubiquitous misinformation surrounding them, especially as it pertains to quality and their use. In medicine, …

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Lyme Disease Revisited

I’m going to go ahead and get this horrible pun out of the way: We are ticked off by all the misinformation about Lyme disease!!! Now then, let’s get to work… Lyme disease. We’ve ranted about this before, yes, but we feel it is time for an update. This year will be a bad one …

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Is CBD really magic?

I’m REALLY excited about this rant. It’s not because of all the good info that you are going to just LOVE. It’s because I can make jokes about weed, hippies, and our hometown, Woodstock, New York. Today we rant about the proliferation of CBD into the conversations at health food stores, pharmacies, and natural practitioners’ …

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Let’s Anti Our Oxidants!

Following up on our promise from last month, we will have a rant-level discussion on antioxidants. In today’s super-long, sarcastic post, we will discuss why the term antioxidant is misleading and how many commercial antioxidant supplements are kinda worthless. Yet, we’ll stress why we don’t bail on the idea of seeking out antioxidants entirely. Finally, …

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The Monthly Rant: Vitamin C

It’s Heart Month and instead of the usual fish oil and cholesterol talk, we want to focus on antioxidants. As we were discussing this, though, we kept getting hung up on a very popular antioxidant, Vitamin C. Both topics are typically so very exciting, I know. I know switching to a Vitamin C rant is …

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I write this rant today, 4 weeks late, for many reasons. It’s about resolutions. I’ve made many myself as I’m sure you at home have. I made a bit of a resolution too. I’ve resolved to not let up on my vision for Woodstock Vitamins.  I’m doubling down on pointing out the “fake news” of our industry …

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