Heart Healthy Supplements

Everyone in the health and wellness space talks about heart disease this month, so we wanted to weigh in on the discussion a bit.  Many people look to Heart Healthy Supplements to prevent having to use drugs. In fact, I don’t think there’s another group of supplements used as frequently for this same reason. Doctors are wary …

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Let’s Anti Our Oxidants!

Following up on our promise from last month, we will have a rant-level discussion on antioxidants. In today’s super-long, sarcastic post, we will discuss why the term antioxidant is misleading and how many commercial antioxidant supplements are kinda worthless. Yet, we’ll stress why we don’t bail on the idea of seeking out antioxidants entirely. Finally, …

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The Monthly Rant: Vitamin C

It’s Heart Month and instead of the usual fish oil and cholesterol talk, we want to focus on antioxidants. As we were discussing this, though, we kept getting hung up on a very popular antioxidant, Vitamin C. Both topics are typically so very exciting, I know. I know switching to a Vitamin C rant is …

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A Tale of Two Cherries…

A Healthy Source of Vitamin C Everyone is pumped about acerola cherries.  Rightfully so, as it’s the richest source of Vitamin C out there.  A single cherry yields a whopping 75mg of Vitamin C.  As any of our loyal fans know, we don’t get excited about supplementing with Vitamin C – its “effectiveness” is blown way out …

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The Detoxin’ Concoctions

The New Year ushers in excitement, change, and endless possibility. This, coincidentally, runs parallel to the “oh my god I just ate waaaay too much” regrets and corresponding action plan to get back on track.  Who’s there to cash in on your desire to be a healthier person? The quacks in the natural products industry pushing …

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Another One Bites The Dust

Recently we received some bad news. A raw material supplier who was supplying truly whole food vitamins to a few of our high-quality brands has decided to sell out.  This has made us sad, so this rant will be less “ranty” and more educational. Just so we’re clear, we don’t really blame him. He built a …

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Are Herbs Safer Than Medicines?

As many of our New York patients know, we are pharmacists and own integrative pharmacies along with our new vitamin store, Woodstock Vitamins.  We get lots of slack from “competitors” at health food and vitamin stores: “You sell harsh chemicals that are unnatural, how can you sell vitamins?” More commonly, and the subject of today’s …

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Our Monthly Rant

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly rant about something that gets our blood pressure up or induces flushing when we think about it.

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