Ep. 28 CBD: This Could Be Dope

Listen on Spotify | Listen on Apple Podcasts | Listen on Google In This Episode CBD is the supplement industry’s latest unicorn — magical, mysterious, and surrounded by hype. But what’s real and what’s not? Is CBD the all-in-one anxiety buster, sleep supporter, and pain reducer it’s touted to be? In this episode of the …

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Full Spectrum CBD: A New CBD Hoax

Are you ready to learn ANOTHER way CBD products aren’t what they say they are? I’m very ready to tell you about this one…  I discussed CBD with ProjectCBD co-founder Martin Lee on the podcast episode Time To Believe The Hype. If you haven’t gotten that message from my ravings about CBD on our CBD page, let me quote myself on the …

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CBD By The Numbers

I believe that once the legal fog has lifted off of CBD and cannabis-related products, the world will be a better place. That’s not hyperbole; based on the available evidence and overwhelming anecdotes, coupled with the high-stress nature of our American lives, I believe CBD will be a game changer in the management of stress, …

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