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Immune Health: Take This, Not That

In a previous rant, I stated that COVID has made me come to grips with a fact I’ve been avoiding: my uphill battle of getting good information out into the world that will result in changed behavior is more uphill than I had imagined. Even at 40 I still have that optimistic, idealistic shine! How charming, right? I’m …

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Can Cranberry Juice or Pills Help With A UTI? Urine Luck!

Cranberry is a very popular dietary supplement used by millions to support a healthy urinary tract.   That’s what everyone’s supposed to say, legally, but the truth is that people want to use cranberry to treat or prevent urinary tract infections (UTI). Before we get started, I must interject as a responsible holistic pharmacist: antibiotics treat infections. …

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15 Fun Facts About Elderberry

With cough and cold season in full swing, it’s time we take a deep dive into an age-old winter-time companion, elderberry. In a break from the norm, we’ll attack this in a fun, modern listicle format. Just like all those really popular blogs that we always said we wouldn’t emulate. The kids want it, so …

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