Immunoglobulins and Hyperimmune Egg for Gut Health

We’ve talked at length about gut health basics. We’ve highlighted the 4 “Pillars of Gut Health”. We’ve discussed probiotics a bunch. We’ve even now discussed prebiotics or the role of collagen in gut health.You’d figure there’s nothing left to talk about. Not by a long shot! The gut health topics we’ve covered to date are just the basics. They’re the things EVERYONE …

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OMG – Cold Season Is Here!

What Is A Cold? A cold is an upper respiratory tract infection that is usually caused by a virus. The upper respiratory tract is the nose to the upper back of the throat, the back of the throat you can see when you say “AHHH”, and everything down where the pipe splits for your gut …

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Gut Wars – The Protocol for Using Probiotics with Antibiotics

Not so long ago, in pharmacies nationwide… Hundreds of times a day in communities all across the country, people are diagnosed with bacterial infections and prescribed antibiotics. These antibiotics are heroes, but they are also imperfect. Their lightsaber wielding may cause damage on their own. With antibiotics, this is extra true, as not only do they cause …

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Let’s Anti Our Oxidants!

Following up on our promise from last month, we will have a rant-level discussion on antioxidants. In today’s super-long, sarcastic post, we will discuss why the term antioxidant is misleading and how many commercial antioxidant supplements are kinda worthless. Yet, we’ll stress why we don’t bail on the idea of seeking out antioxidants entirely. Finally, …

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The Monthly Rant: Vitamin C

It’s Heart Month and instead of the usual fish oil and cholesterol talk, we want to focus on antioxidants. As we were discussing this, though, we kept getting hung up on a very popular antioxidant, Vitamin C. Both topics are typically so very exciting, I know. I know switching to a Vitamin C rant is …

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