Immune Health: Take This, Not That

In a previous rant, I stated that COVID has made me come to grips with a fact I’ve been avoiding: my uphill battle of getting good information out into the world that will result in changed behavior is more uphill than I had imagined. Even at 40 I still have that optimistic, idealistic shine! How charming, right? I’m …

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These Mushroom Gurus Are A Fungus

One of the best parts of my job is all the great conversations that take place after we share our content. After my last mushroom blog & podcast, I’ve heard from dozens and dozens of people about their mushroom supplements. The common thread in all those chats? People now realize they aren’t taking real mushrooms. “Yeah, you said …

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Our Monthly Rant

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly rant about something that gets our blood pressure up or induces flushing when we think about it.

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