You Don’t Want Transparency

Whoa, that’s a little direct and presumptive of a title, Neal!” Yep. I did it for the clicks. I try to dig at consumers of supplements very little. The truth is, the natural product industry propaganda is VERY strong and manipulative. It’s technically not your fault if you end up making “bad” supplement decisions.  Despite …

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Getting Proactive About Probiotics

I believe a well-made probiotic is a crucial part of a lifelong wellness strategy. So much so, I’ve named it one of my “Vital Five” nutrients–nutrients that almost all of us will benefit from, but are often lacking from even those with the best diets. Some people see a clear need for probiotics: their guts are a hot …

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Saw Palmetto Quality Update 2019

This article is part of a series that discuss, in depth, quality-related issues around a specific ingredient. Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a berry grown predominantly in the southeastern United States, mostly in Florida. No, saw palmetto isn’t what makes a Florida man meme-worthy – that’s usually bath salts.  The extracts of saw palmetto have solid …

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Ep. 25 All Mushrooms Aren’t Magic

In This Episode In this episode, Neal is joined by Skye Chilton, founder of Real Mushrooms, a supplement company that specializes in medicinal mushroom extracts. Skye tells us all about the anatomy of a mushroom, and which compounds in the mushrooms are medicinal. He and Neal explore the challenges of ensuring high-quality compounds in the …

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