Ep. 1 The Very First One

In This Episode In this episode, Dr. Neal Smoller and Mark DeCicco make their long-awaited return to the podcast, and this time they’re turning Wellness Upside Down. Determined to help people become their healthiest selves, inside and out, they’ve rebranded and refocused the podcast with Mark bringing his unique fitness expertise and experience to the …

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Vitamin D Doesn’t Work, Too?

A new, large, high-quality study released in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes that Vitamin D supplementation has no effect on fracture risk in patients over 50. It’s for real. I talk about the study briefly in this video on my social feed. People are upset. If you’ve learned anything from COVID, it’s that …

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What Do I Do Now?

As you can imagine, I get asked quite often, “What Do I Do Now?” Folks are looking for answers on if they should wear a mask, if they should be rushing to get another booster shot, if they can hang out with their friends, and much much more. I’ve covered this all in a number …

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Captain COVID: One Year Later

Here I am. Here we are. One year later. Today marks the one-year anniversary of our first COVID-19 vaccine clinic.  Back on January 13th, 2021, we immunized 120 of some of the luckiest folks in the Hudson Valley, state, country, and world.  Those doses were of the first of the first to be offered to …

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