We Ask The Wrong Questions

There’s ample proof that the wellness experience you pay for is not the one you intended to receive. Look through a few of our rants for more than enough evidence to make you go “Hmmmm…” The cause of the gap between what you want and what you get is mostly due to quality. Product and information quality are poor. …

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Essential Oils for Pest Control

Spring is here and the weather just may start cooperating soon.  That means we can finally get rid of this cabin fever and start exploring the great outdoors.  It also means all the little buggers of the world will have the same idea.  They’ll be showing us, rather efficiently, why they are called pests.  Now …

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Essential Oils

When you hear the word essential oils, what comes to mind? Amazing scents? Tranquility? Us too. But one more phrase sticks out with us supplement nerds, and that’s “misleading claims.” This month we will discuss essential oils and address the ubiquitous misinformation surrounding them, especially as it pertains to quality and their use. In medicine, …

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Lyme Disease Revisited

I’m going to go ahead and get this horrible pun out of the way: We are ticked off by all the misinformation about Lyme disease!!! Now then, let’s get to work… Lyme disease. We’ve ranted about this before, yes, but we feel it is time for an update. This year will be a bad one …

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Is CBD really magic?

I’m REALLY excited about this rant. It’s not because of all the good info that you are going to just LOVE. It’s because I can make jokes about weed, hippies, and our hometown, Woodstock, New York. Today we rant about the proliferation of CBD into the conversations at health food stores, pharmacies, and natural practitioners’ …

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A Tale of Two Cherries…

A Healthy Source of Vitamin C Everyone is pumped about acerola cherries.  Rightfully so, as it’s the richest source of Vitamin C out there.  A single cherry yields a whopping 75mg of Vitamin C.  As any of our loyal fans know, we don’t get excited about supplementing with Vitamin C – its “effectiveness” is blown way out …

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Milk Thistle: Quality Update

This article is part of a series that discuss, in depth, quality-related issues around a specific ingredient. Here’s a bit of information about milk thistle that you HAVE to hear.  A recent publication in ConsumerLabs.com has highlighted the flaws in many Milk Thistle supplements – even ones from some “Vitality Approved” brands. For example, Bluebonnet …

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