Vital Proteins Acquired By Nestle

Breaking news! Nestle, aka the devil, has acquired Vital Proteins. Vital Proteins, if you don’t know already, is a collagen and bone broth supplement brand that met our standards for supplement quality. With the news of Nestle now owning Vital Proteins, I thought it was time that we talked about them a bit more openly. Today, …

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Shake the Weight Away in 2020

In a recent podcast episode, I spoke about how shakes are the ONLY supplement product that I recommend for weight loss. The reason is simple. First, no product really works. If it did, you better believe I’d be using it while championing the M&M diet. I’d call it the Eat-O diet (in the spirit of Keto), …

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Ep. 39 Collagen Deep Dive

In This Episode Collagen is having its 15 minutes of fame, so Neal and Daena are talking about it!  In this podcast, Neal discusses the structure of this unique protein, and what it does for the body. He also explains powders vs. bone broth, quality issues and adulteration, collagen booster supplements, and how this all intersects …

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Joint Health Supplements

If you’re like people on the internet, when you have joint pain, your body turns into an x-ray with neon blots: Or, maybe you spend lots of time rubbing a seemingly pained knee: Every article about joint health uses those same images! No one is original. Here’s our stock photo for discussing joint health: That …

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