OMG – Cold Season Is Here!

What Is A Cold? A cold is an upper respiratory tract infection that is usually caused by a virus. The upper respiratory tract is the nose to the upper back of the throat, the back of the throat you can see when you say “AHHH”, and everything down where the pipe splits for your gut …

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Toss Out Your Resolutions! 3 Simple Rules for the New Year (or any time, really)

I’m not a fan of resolutions. I ranted about it 1 year ago. Wellness resolutions never stick for people because it just becomes too much at once. Supplement regimens become a complicated hodgepodge of this or that miracle fix. Whatever new “thing” is blasted over the blogosphere and social media has to be read, processed, and …

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I write this rant today, 4 weeks late, for many reasons. It’s about resolutions. I’ve made many myself as I’m sure you at home have. I made a bit of a resolution too. I’ve resolved to not let up on my vision for Woodstock Vitamins.  I’m doubling down on pointing out the “fake news” of our industry …

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The Detoxin’ Concoctions

The New Year ushers in excitement, change, and endless possibility. This, coincidentally, runs parallel to the “oh my god I just ate waaaay too much” regrets and corresponding action plan to get back on track.  Who’s there to cash in on your desire to be a healthier person? The quacks in the natural products industry pushing …

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You can DIY, but you are not alone!

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