Ep. 19 Best of 2022!

In This Episode With 2022 coming to an end, Dr. Neal Smoller and Mark DeCicco discuss the best episodes of Wellness Upside Down in the last year, covering topics from mental health, Mark’s weight loss, discipline as a skill set, how heart disease is formed, and cracking down wholefood multivitamin’s fraudulent schemes! Dr. Neal also …

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Ep. 18 Holiday Extravaganza

In This Episode Dr. Neal Smoller and Mark DeCicco take it mostly lighthearted and funny today for a special Christmas episode! They discuss their favorite Christmas movies of all time, Neal’s encounter with Buster Poindexter, how Mark’s wife HATES comedy, how to celebrate the holidays safely, and what you need to expect with the “Tridemic” …

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Ep. 14 Gobble Gobbledygook

In This Episode Happy Thanksgiving folks! What comes with the holiday season, of course, are all the mouthwatering food, desserts, and the extra 20lbs by the end of the weekend! This supposedly inevitable truth has been ingrained in us ever since we first had that mouthful of turkey stuffing. Or perhaps the question becomes…How can …

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Captain COVID: One Year Later

Here I am. Here we are. One year later. Today marks the one-year anniversary of our first COVID-19 vaccine clinic.  Back on January 13th, 2021, we immunized 120 of some of the luckiest folks in the Hudson Valley, state, country, and world.  Those doses were of the first of the first to be offered to …

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Ep. 86 Spooky Supplement Stories

In This Episode It’s Halloween, the perfect time for some scary stories! So Neal and Daena start off the show with the scariest topic of the day: voting! Then, Neal narrates some of the scares he’s had with his patients over the years.  Finally, our intrepid hosts explore the sound effects built into the podcast mixing board. It takes the …

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