Ep. 72 Summertime is Lyme Season

In This Episode No summer day is complete without a tick check because Lyme Disease is a total drag. Neal brushes up on his Lyme knowledge to tell us about what kind of illness Lyme is, the different stages, how it’s treated, and the possible lingering effects. He also enlightens us about a dark struggle …

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The 2020 Game Plan

Who’s excited about starting a new year and decade?  I know I am! This year, my practice in lil’ ol’ Woodstock, NY turns 10 years old. The first few days of the decade I brought home triplet babies, and then it all went topsy turvy from there. Let’s get into what we’re going to be doing …

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The 2019 Gameplan

This year is going to be a big one for Woodstock Vitamins – I can see it now!   First off, we here in Woodstock are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the concert that changed the world (and made us in this small, upstate NY town globally famous). We’ll be adding rock & roll jokes and …

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