Ep. 71 Skin Health – Ashy & Rashy

In This Episode Daena has broken out with an eczema flare-up, so she and Neal talk about rashes today! Neal utilizes the Wellness Pyramid to map out treatment for various skin issues. He covers the possible causes and offers suggestions for both supplements and topical treatments. He also gives us an update on his weight loss, …

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Ep. 37 The Currant Situation

In This Episode The idea of superfoods has been buzzing for years, but one berry truly deserves that title: the currant. Neal chats with local farmer and restaurateur, Greg Quinn, who tells us all about the surprising history of this unassuming fruit. Currants were made illegal over 100 years ago, and Greg is the one who got …

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Let’s Anti Our Oxidants!

Following up on our promise from last month, we will have a rant-level discussion on antioxidants. In today’s super-long, sarcastic post, we will discuss why the term antioxidant is misleading and how many commercial antioxidant supplements are kinda worthless. Yet, we’ll stress why we don’t bail on the idea of seeking out antioxidants entirely. Finally, …

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Nuts About Nuts

A new research paper released yesterday highlights the health benefits of nuts if eaten every day. We can’t agree more with the findings. We are advocates of using nuts or well-made nut butter as part of a balanced meal or snack. Nuts provide a good amount of protein and good fats. Pair them with a complex carbohydrate like …

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